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Speed Rings

Speed Rings Acrylic Grills (pairs)

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These 3/8" thick Acrylic Grills come in Black and Clear for a different look for your lids, lowers, fairing and pac.  These are laser cut cnc and come with a protective film over them to keep them protected in the shipping of them.

These Acrylic Grills come in 3 different sizes

  • 8.8" for larger speakers like DB Drive Euphoria and Beyma pro Coax and Dirty Bird lids and add on fairing parts for 8s.
  • 8" for most common speakers like Hertz, Diamond and others along with SBD lids and standard 8" lids y some other manufacturing companies 
  • 6.5" for your lowers, aftermarket fairings and lids.

Included in the kits 

  • 1 set of grills 
  • 1 pack stainless till hardware for mounting 
  • 1 pack of nutserts, drill bit and insert tool
  • Not designed for fairings of any year 

So if you're just looking for a new look, adding a little bit of flare to your bike, or looking for a low cost alternative on grills, Speed Rings has you covered.