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Speed Rings

Speed Rings 8" Inside Mount 98-13 (Front or Rear) (Pair)

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Want to add speakers to your Harley Davidson Bagger, without all the hassle of making custom one off speaker adaptor plates? Want better volume and sound quality from your motorcycle stereo system? Garage Bagger Stereo is pleased to offer Speed Rings as a solution for adding speakers in saddlebags on Harley Davidson Street GlidesRoad Glides, and Road Kings. Shop speaker rings for the best motorcycle audio!

The single 8 inch speaker ring is contoured to fit the inside of the saddlebag so that you can mount an 8 Inch speaker towards the front or rear of the bag. Leaving room in the rear of the bag for storage, like gloves, small helmets, etc.

Road GlideStreet Glide, and Road King motorcycles all use the same basic saddlebag, and the only difference is that some years the shock bump out is slightly different, but not to worry we have year specific models available. These are modeled around stock Harley Davidson saddlebags.  Some aftermarket bags may require the rings to be modified or filler added like panel bond due to not all aftermarket molds being the same.  


Each Kit Includes

  • Mounting hardware for speaker and ring
  • Grills  Aluminum Pressed
  • Speaker rings
  • Pre-drill all holes in rings
  • Not designed for subs or sealed bags