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Nagys Custom's Sealed Toppers Removable (Pair)

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The new REMOVABLE Toppers allow you to seal your bags and still have access if needed to the storage space!

Works on all bags 98-current, some aftermarket bags may require some additional  trimming on the toppers. Works with Nagys Customs Speaker Adapters only, not designed to work with any other Speaker Adapters on the market today.

  • They will come come preassembled. ( inserts installed and tops attached to the frame)
  • I would leave it preassemble for trimming that way your trimming (if need be) both the shelf ring and closeout together to fit the bag.
  • These are CAD and CNC from a stock bag. So using a stock or aftermarket quality bag will always achieve the best results.
  • Panel bond the shelf ring in, notch out for the speaker ring
  • The CNC half moon piece will have to be panel bonded to the speaker ring. It’s important to make sure all touching areas are prepped so everything bonds together.
  • It will also come with carpet to give it a nice finish look ( carpet to be put on by customer )
  • Built off stock bags some aftermarket bags may require additional modification or fill in
  • 5-7 days for CNC work and assembly before shipped custom order part
  • Rings not included Toppers only