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Harley Davidson Loud Road Glide Pods 8″ 98 to current

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Have our 8″ lids and our 8″ lower fairing and you still wan more bass? Well check these out, John Shope’s new fairing speaker pods bolt right in to your Road Glide fairing in minutes. Houses a 8″ speaker and can add a tweeter, gauge or whatever you prefer as you have lots of space from the glove box. Made from our famous NYB polymer blends so its strong as shit, tough as nails with a perfect fit and finish ready to mock up and paint. Will not work with OEM or our Hot Rod bars. Level 2 installation. Please see below or warranty for more details.

  • DBC-267
  • Made from NYB polymer not ABS or fiberglass.
  • Speakers not included.
  • Grills not included.
  • Made in USA.