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Fairing Mounted Amplifier Power Kit Touring 98+ IP-8AWG

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Fairing Mounted Amplifier Power Kit

This powerful amplifier kit comes complete with all the cabling, speaker wires, terminals, disconnects, and fuse blocks needed to perform a quality installation, except for RCA interconnects.

What We Like About This Kit:

It has a waterproof eight gauge fuse holder that uses MIDI-style fuses for superior current transfer and reliability. Furthermore, the fuse holder is compact and very friendly to mount. All of the wire runs are blacked-out with a nice-looking braided loom and heat-shrunk at each end.

Includes Several Nice Extras:

This kit comes with a large hook and loop mounting pad. This creates a simple and effective way of installing various micro amplifiers. The included load resistors are also critical. Some factory Harley radios require a resistive load on the speaker outputs. If there is no resistive load, the output will be distorted and can ultimately damage the radio components internally. This kit takes care of all of that!


  • All 1998 - Present Harley touring bikes with a fairing-mounted amplifier